What does this thing do? Do i make it's vaule at 0 , 60, or 120??

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Errrm are you sure you're asking about pcsx2 here?Tongue What "ModeRefreshRate" do you mean? >.>

Edit: oh shucks yeah gsdx... well I guess it sets automatically during first lauch which was ages ago for me;P...
You are talking about the Refresh Rate in GSDX.ini. Smile

That's the Refresh Rate(in Hz). Set it at the refresh rate your Monitor is running at or make it what it was (default). You need not change it.

While First Time Configuration you have selected a resolution for the Game Window (1024x768x85Hz)

Thats the Refresh rate. Tongue2
[Image: recodersignature2.png]
How do i check my refresh rate on my monitor?
- On Windows 7...
Right-click the desktop, and go to the screen resolution settings.
Then, go to the advanced settings.
You'll see it in the "Monitor" tab.
Okay thanks, does anything bad happen if i raise my moderefreshrate on higher then my monitor's?
Monitor should display something along the lines of unsupported mode.
But since PCSX2 no longer does exclusive fullscreen I doubt it does anything.
Okay thanks!

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