Model Swap via Cheating; Possible?

Before I spend hours trying to accomplish such a feat, is it possible to swap one characters model/voice with another via cheat patching. Or is that sort of thing best reserved for Rom Hacking?

I have a couple of ideas of how I might go about searching for the values, but I'd rather not waste my time if anyone knows its not possible..


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I wrote a code to swap the character models in FFX. Basically, you find the pointers to the models and change them to whatever you want.
Alright, that's what I was kind of expecting to have to do, thank you!
Cheat patching is "rom hacking". A little bit of a crude way to put it... The difference is applying a chance in memory versus patching files directly. Either way, the modified files are put into memory and will have the same end result.
[Image: 2748844.png]
Ahh I can see how that would work out.. Cheat patching is just temporary, while rom-hacking involves directly modifying the rom, in a permanent matter.
Haha found what I was looking for! Woot!

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