Modify ISO of game
Hello everybody,

I'm trying to do some modding in THPS3... i extracted the iso and changed some textures and stuff (pc version works great)
but now i want to create a new ISO with changed files... i tried some burning programs but when I open the image in PCSX2 the ps2-bios does not recognize it as a valid game.

even if a change nothing.. just extract the iso and burn it again it gets not recognized.. is there a way to fix that?

Thanks alot!

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are the md5 sums the same after extracting and re-burning?
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Of course not,even 1byte difference will result in different md5
post_ex0du rebuilding ps2 game images is not simple drag drop the files to any random iso making program

I don't want to go in details because I'm posting from a phone and writing that long explanation will be a pain but as I said,it's not that simple
Try using Apache. I have successfully used it to make minor changes to iso.

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