Modifying sound files / ISO not loading
I wanted to replicate this mod for Virtua Racing FlatOut but any attempts to change the game files results in the ISO not loading any more. I'm simply saving as ISO with PowerISO after I'm done. Any ideas what I can do or why my game no longer loads after I change a file within?

I've tried 2 methods to edit the sound, the one described there - hex editing the .hd file and also using Awave Studio to reduce the volume of the particular sound banks to 0 and repacking with ps2-bankmod.

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PowerISO isn't capable of saving PS2 ISO's and having them still be functional. UltraISO works for most people but it costs money. ImgBurn works for a few people and is free.
UltraISO loaded it no problem, thank you. That was easy.

I must have done something wrong with the editing, though because the console repeats things like this on a black screen just before a race

SeSq_BdHdOpen : cdrom0:¥VRUS¥SOUND¥SE00 LOOP GO !!
Se_BdHdOpen : cdrom0:¥VRUS¥SOUND¥SE00.BD;1
BD_ADDR = 53264
Se_BdHdOpen : cdrom0:¥VRUS¥SOUND¥SE00.HD;1
HDADDR : 1897872
SeSq_BdHdOpen : LOOP END !!

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