Momentary freezes and sound distortion
I was trying to play FFX and Persona 4 on my laptop and both games run perfectly fine at 60fps. The problem though is that both games periodically either freeze for a second or have moments where sound becomes slow, distorted and screechy, also for just a second or two, and then it goes back to normal. This usually happens during characters talking.

As weird as this may sound I've noticed a weird thing: The first time I play a game on PCSX2 after booting up the laptop, both FFX and P4 do this, however if I play the games up to a certain part in the game, then restart pcsx2 and run the game 2nd time around starting the game anew, both games perform without any freezes or sound problems UP TO THAT CERTAIN POINT, after which the freezes and sound problems keep coming.

The only other game I've tested so far is KH RE:COM which doesn't seem to suffer with those problems at all.

Things I've tried that didn't help: Updating/Downgrading my graphics drivers; using Catmull-Rom and DirectSound in SPU2-X settings; Lowering resolution to 800x600 and using native PS2 resolution; Disabling MTVU

I'm using PCSX2 1.2.1

Here are my settings. Everything else is set on default

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First and foremost, upgrade to the latest stable version: 1.4.0

We are also going to need your computer specs.

If you are playing from a disc, create a disk image using imgburn and use that instead. If you are already playing from an image, then it sounds to me like PCSX2 is lagging as it is trying to read more information off of your ISO. It is possible that your laptop has a slower hardrive, or is slowing it down in order to save power. Make sure that your computer is plugged in and your Windows power plan is set to "High performance".
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Intel Core i3-2350M @2.30Ghz
Intel Graphics 3000 HD integrated and NVidia 610M 2GB dedicated which is the one I use to run PCSX2

yeah i'm aware it's not exactly a diamond for running something like PCSX2 but the mentioned games have been running at consistent 60fps unless something really heavy is going on screen which I'm okay with, but the freezing and sound problems are annoying

And yes I'm already playing from an image. Tried using 1.4.0 as well as having laptop plugged (with battery removed also) and put on high performance plan but it doesn't seem to help either
Looks like your processor is a big bottleneck. Your STP is 1,099, and PCSX2 recommends 1500.
But it might still be your hard drive. Do you have anything like Intel Rapid Storage Technology? If so, make sure those settings are set to High Performance as well.

If not, then at this point the only thing you can do is continue to use the fastest options and to test speedhacks on your own.

Some things to consider:
Catmull-Rom is actually the slowest option, and using DirectSound shouldn't give a speed boost on Windows 7, so don't use those. The fastest SPU2-X settings (without muting the sound entirely) would be something like This.

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