Monster Hunter
anyone ever playing monster hunter on PCSX2??
i already play and use GS code, but i just can cheat the money. coz another code is somehow not work in PCSX2. Sad

this the GS code i use.

[M] Must Be On
98026874 78A39386
Infinite: Money
282451B6 0C517867
Infinite: Health
185A167C 0CA57A34
Infinite: Stamina
185A16E9 0CA5ACD1

just the money code whos work, dont know why but i think PSX2 cant read code start with number 1 >> example 185A167C 0CA57A34

any1 can help me, please??

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How were you trying to use the codes?

The problem is you haven't converted the codes to raw, also the master code is not needed in pcsx2.

Anyway try the one in the attachment (goes in the "patches" or "cheats" folders).

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.pnach   0ef16a99.pnach (Size: 175 bytes / Downloads: 1.946)
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how do you use cheats for pcsx2? i enable cheats and then do i have to download GS or any other cheat code user? (for monster hunter)
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