Monster Hunter 1(JP) - Assertion Failure
Hello users of the PCSX2 forums,

I have been recently playing Monster Hunter 1(JP) as I have heard a while back that a talented dev team has revived the online for the first Monster hunter game. I have been running across issues during said online such as the assertion failure that immediately closes the emulator upon entry to quests within the tavern of the online town of Minegarde. I have heard that some issues from the MH Old-School discord have been resolved here such as the lighting issue from PlatyPete. The following log file provided shares the most recent assertion failure using a version of PCSX2 provided by the aforementioned discord server, this is a copy of the file as to not get it overwritten when I boot up the emulator again. Any advice will be most appreciated, this frustrates me to no end whenever I want to aid someone in their hunts.

From the greenhorn to the forums,

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