Monster Hunter 2
Simples question guys, am i able to play monster hunter 2 (mhdos) online (lan or something) with my friend through pcsx2?
I read some threads on the forum, read the how to play online guide, read something about dev9 (or something like that)
I just really want to know, is it possible to play mhdos online with a friend throught this emulator?

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Yes, but lag will most likely hinder the experience.
You mean internet lag, or computer lag?, cuz i think both our pcs can run it about 50 fps...
Even thought it would lag, i'd like to try. Would you recomend somethings i would need to do?
Sorry, I have no personal experience with that. Just thought I'd share with you what I knew. It is possible.

It does seem that having both computers on par with each other (performance wise) was stated as ideal, though. I think there will be some lag either way (due to connection), so having one system running ahead of the other would just be like "double lag" or something.

Again, sorry I can't help you further.
Its fine bro, thanks alot. U allready gave me hope to play with mah friend Smile

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