Monster Lab
Hey guys,

First: My english is not so good, so please forgive me.

So here's my Problem:

I want to play a game called "Monster Lab" but if I want to Play it, I can choose from 2 options.
1: Play it with 9 FPS or lower.
2: Play it with massive Graphic Glitches.
(Look here

The only thing I need to change for those options, is that I change the renderer from software to hardware.

So, what do I need to change to play it normal.
And what do you need from me for a solution?

- Rangordo

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In order to help you further with your problem, please make sure the following are all provided.
  • Your hardware specs - CPU, Graphics Card, Memory, Operating System.
  • The version of PCSX2 you are using.
  • Any non default settings you are using.
  • What games you are trying to play and if you are playing them from ISO or DVD.

Thank You.
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(01-02-2015, 09:29 AM)Rangordo Wrote: So, what do I need to change to play it normal.
And what do you need from me for a solution?
the best bet is to disable all speedhacks and try hardware mode to check whether the glitches are lessened (or) not. else, set extra rendering threads in sw mode to play it at better speeds. but, the no. of rendering threads depend upon your processor. that's the best you could try for now till, the issue has been solved by devs in hardware mode.
We're supposed to be working as a team, if we aren't helping and suggesting things to each other, we aren't working as a team.
- Refraction
Okay, here is my PC stuff:

System: Windows 7 Home Premium
CPU: AMD Athlon™ X4 640 Processor 3.00GHz
RAM: 8,00GB
GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 650

The version of the PCSX2 is: 1.2.1

I used the normal konfiguration: (see here - Sorry that is on German.
And I looked some tutorials and just changed the hook in the Speedhack MTVU and changed the renderer from hardware to software.

For now I just tried "Monster Lab" what is started from an ISO.

And for the second reply, I can play the game with the glitches ... but just till the menu screen.

- Rangordo

PS: Thanks for the fast reply Smile
Unfortunately you cpu is on the lower limit of system requirements. You will probably never get something nice in software renderer.

And even sticking to hardware renderer will probably only result in something close to full speed in lighter games.

What you still can try is setting the renderer in gsdx plugin settings to DirectX10(Hardware).
yeah, even on the really light games that cpu probably won't get full speed.
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That's uncool :/
But thanks for the quick help.
So it's time for a new PC.

This PC can handle Borderlands 2 on max without a problem, but not a PS2 game ... wow

- Rangordo
borderlands isn't very demanding and ps2 emulation is very demanding
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[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
As already said there are probably some game that you can play. But it will be mostly some 2D-stuff
Thanks again

- Rangordo

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