Monster Rancher 4 Disc Swap Oddity
Now that the disc swapping feature is working, I was ecstatic that Monster Rancher 4 could be played in full capacity, but a very peculiar thing is happening:

Disc swapping and regeneration works perfectly fine as long as it's a DVD or a PSX game that I'm swapping in. But when I try the exact same process for a PS2 game, it always gets to the "reinsert the Monster Rancher 4 game disc" part and does not recognize the Monster Rancher 4 disc, instead returning the recurring message "The Monster Rancher 4 game disc is not inserted in the tray"

I've tried using the actual discs, making ISO's of both MR4 and multiple PS2 games, trying combinations of each (MR4 ISO and actual PS2 game and vice versa), suspending the game between steps, save stating and restarting between steps, and swapping between the built-in ISO reader and the CD plugins (all of them).

All the PS2 games I've tried disc swapping work just fine with the emulator, save slow framerate sometimes, for the hour or so I've played them.

I'm using the pcsx2 beta version 0.9.7 r3878 (though it's listed as 3876 on my PC)
Everything else works perfectly well, just kinda curious why ps2 games, which the emulator was designed for, would cause this problem.

Thanks much!

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I've been talking to rama about the same issue, (just I hadn't actually tried regular DVDs) if you know C++ (which I don't) there is a way to make it somewhat more friendly. but it's a nasty hackjob of a mess, and does cause ISO loading issues
I've tried converting the PS2 ISO's to other formats (.bin and .img). No dice. Back to square one.
is this only in the newest PCSX2? because that one frustratingly did not work at all for me, i have to try again because i dont know if thats because its beta or it was the the very first thing I tried when attempting PS2 emulation, and just wasn't doing something right.

even if its just dvds and psx games, that would be great. Can you do it with actual media and backups? because I don't use isos.
I'm curious: what do *you* do when you want to swap discs?

Because whenever i try to use the shrine i always get 'this is a pandora disc', and the monster is always Ant.Blue.

If I try to use discs instead of iso's the game freezes.

Please could you explain your method.
Who knows, I might be able to figure out how to use ps2 games if I can at least generate monsters.

BTW: I do have the new pcsx2 0.9.7 (r3878) beta version.
Can you please post your plugin configuration and a little more detail on how you get disk regeneration to work with non ps2 games? I would love to replay MR4 with better resolution but I can not get disk regeneration to work at all( I'v tried cds, ps2 games, dvds, isos, etc.)
Hey guys. I, too, have long awaited the disc swap feature. Your thread had inspired my to give MR3 another try. First thing I noticed (since r1888) is that the FPS has increased immensely. What was like 20fps now exceeds 60fps with ease. Kinda wondered if MR4 had the same improvement... (?)

Anyway, I know I'm actually using MR3, but it seems the same case as MR4. Anytime I try a PS2 game, it simply reacts as if the MR3 disc was still in. Other ISO have worked (PS1, DVD and even an ISO I made up of random files), but it's certain PS2 games that I know will give me cool monsters. BTW - A Gamecube game crashed PCSX2. LOL

So, I'm gonna continue to try some different approaches, too. If I can figure it out with MR3, I'd bet the same "trick" will work with MR4.

@ Ænigmatik: (a.k.a Mr. Cross)
The way I've gotten it done with MR3 was very simple actually, I just thought I was doing something wrong when I was trying PS2 games. Now, I know that was the problem.

For CDVD plugin, I was using Linuz, but I don't think Gigaherz would be a problem, either (haven't rightfully tried). No need to mess with it's setting, though. Unless your trying with "Plugin" via mounting or physical disc, then the obvious changes are needed.

I simply select "Iso" from the CDVD menu. Then, use the "Iso Selector" to run Monster Rancher. When it comes time to "insert" a disc, Esc to the main PCSX2 window and select the disc (from which the monster will come) with the "Iso Selector". Resume the game and proceed until you're prompted to "reinsert" the Monster Rancher disc. Again, Esc to the menu, re-select the Monster Rancher disc and resume one last time.

Sorry if this doesn't work the same with MR4, but I'd figure it should. Smile
Man, I must have the worst luck when it comes to games.

My MR4 works with disc swapping, but I can only get 3 new monsters.

I don't even have to check a disc anymore to tell whats on it, It always happens to be 1 of 3 monsters depending on the type of disc:

1) If it's a PSX game or music CD I will get an Antlan Blue.

2) If it's a PC game I will get a Mushtan.

3) A DVD will give me a Pancho.

I've tried using both Cd's and ISO's, but the result is always the same.

Is there some setting in the patches or game fixes I have to use, because it is becoming really irritating that I have to find all my monsters while adventuring.

I think seeing 'heVOICESad's settings would help a lot.

I was going to try copying a PS2 game with nero - but rather than using 'Copy disc' I was going to use 'Make data disc' and manually copy over the info on the PS2 game to make an ISO, to see if that might get over the issue with mounting PS2 games, Because I know if you do it that way it doesn't run even on a chipped PS2 (or at least mine), so it may react differently in disc swapping.

But if my disc swapping isn't working properly I can't tell if it would affect what monsters you get or not, so I haven't bothered trying yet.

So please somebody help with screenshots or something if their game is working correctly.
hey i am using pcsx 0.9.7 beta and when im trying to swap disks i wont work i try a different game on my pc it will read it and then it will tell me to put in monster rancher 4 then it wont read it what do I do??!!? please help
It doesn't work correctly. You can't fix it.

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