Monster Rancher 4 - Disk Swapping
So, my PS2 has finally bit the dust... I have a copy of my Monster Rancher 4 ISO from my game and I was going to start playing on PC using PCSX2. Though when I have tried to use the game it works perfectly, all the way until I try to use one of my other games to generate a monster. It reads the new ISO I load from another game( .hack infection ), and then never reads my Monster Rancher 4 ISO anymore saying that the game isn't being inserted anymore. I can get it to work with the non-game DVD that comes with .hack infection which is the Liminality. But I can't get it to read another game and then go back to my Monster Rancher 4 game. Is there a fix for this out there? I'm currently using the ISO to Plugin to ISO method for the Liminality.

This was one of my favorite games and since my PS2 isn't working anymore I'd hate to not be able to play it anymore.

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