Monster hunter LAN??
hey guys, i'm new here...just a quick question...

i know that MH server was shutdown long ago,thus resulting to be unable to play online (quest,armor etc)...

but is it possible to run the PCSX2 for LAN system regarding the game??

thx guys Smile

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No, PCSX2 has no LAN function of any kind
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(04-29-2010, 02:48 PM)Bositman Wrote: No, PCSX2 has no LAN function of any kind

i u think the LAN or online mode were in dev agenda??or would it be no such feature for PCSX2???
it wont be possible, monster hunter relies on there being server software on the other end, the only way that would EVER be possible, is if somebody wrote a monster hunter server emulator, which isnt in our TODO list.
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doubt it ever will... Plus I answered this in another thread as well... It's on the same page and called "Monster Hunter online?"

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