Monster rancher evo, ?? guys
ok i love the MR series and have done since the 1st UK MR (MR2 to USA guys)

not being able to get anything but hares off my disks with PCSX2, i dug around looking for codes that will let me enjoy the game (breeding and combining monsters to fill my book, whislt finding disks and getting stuff)

now i have worked out a few values for the ?? monsters that are randomly found in disk shops and through the disk system on the PS2.

hnow this is quite awkward as there are a few steps that must be done for it to work or else you get phantom monsters you cant link or store, and generally bugger up your game.

step one. have a monster in slot 1 that you dont mind losing, just disk one and make a new one from book, or use a levelled up one (risky, but if you use the same prime monster type then i guess its ok)

step two. SAVE and save state.

step three. enter the relevant code in PCSX2CE via omniconvert as usual for cheats.

step four. enable cheats (via main menu) and load state (thus refreshing game but now with codes)

step five. check monster is correct by attempting to disk it, if all is well save game and state.

step six. as step four, but disable. keep refreshing till PCSX2 tells you its loaded without codes. (sounds trivial i know but sometimes it refreshes the state with codes enabled)

step seven. now that you have loaded the save without codes, store the monster.

step eight. combine the monster to make the real ?? monster as you would any other combine. (trying to create from disk direct causes a crash, since the code is modded).

ok here is the code and the table of monster codes. if you use monster code as it is below you will get as pure beaklon, using the table below change the last two values on the upper and lower lines to get desired monster, not every combo makes a monster so use the metropolis for a monster list. the values can be edited via PCSXCE on the fly by loading state. obviously follow the above steps to avoid corruption

90312A98 00832021

monster 1 type
0051C7E9 00000000
0051C7EA 00000000

monster values
00 beaklon
01 ducken
02 dragon
03 durahan
04 garu
05 jell
06 gitan
07 golem
08 hare
09 henger
0a joker
0b raiden
0c mocchi
0d naga
0e mew
0f pancho
10 pixie
11 plant
12 tiger
13 lessione
14 ripper
15 suezo
16 zan
17 maya
18 pioro

pioro has 3 1a 1b 1c

dragon, golem, joker, maya, mochii, pancho, has 2 1a and 1b

beaklon, ducken, durahan, garu, gitan, hare, henger, jell, lesione , mew, naga, pixie, plant,
raiden, ripper, suezo and tiger all have 1 so 1a

i hope this helps people, its certainly making the game a little more fun for me Smile

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You don't need a master code for PCSX2 Smile

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