More CPU or more GPU? FFX with OC
Hi people! =D

I want to try to play FFX at full speed in my laptop (right now it's 30-60 on intro movie -you know, "this is my story" stuff-)

My specs are:

T8300 Penryn (2.4Ghz)
nVidia 8400GT 256GDDR3 (128bit bus)
Windows 7 build 7057

Right now and without a lot of tweaking the game plays flawlessly but with slowdowns sometimes (although very little), in game I get 40-60, and I'm just past the first save state (of course i've beaten it loooong ago in PS2).
Also speed seems to be the same wheter I play it on "native" PS2 res or my laptop native resolution (1280x800) so I guess maybe it's my CPU the bottleneck to get full 60fps

What I wanted to know is if GSdx plugin and PCSx emu in general uses more CPU or more GPU power because I can easily OC the processor to, say, 2.6 or 2.8, but GPU has a harder time (laptop drivers) doing so.

If I OC my cpu will I get real improvements? or if I do the proper with GPU? Some experiences with OC and this emu?

P.S: As you may have noticed i've been playing very little yet with this emu. So any help or tip to improve speed will be greatly appreciated.

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It's your CPU for the most part. You'd have to overclock it to get full speed. I'm not sure if that processor is able to overclock on a laptop or not but it is a laptop, so if you did it'd probably melt in your lap.
O don't worry, I have OC'ed it many times in games before, up to 2.8 without much temp hits. And actually, laptops nowadays are realy easily oc'ed. Take the MSI GT627 for example. You press a button and you go straight from say 2.2 to 2.7, and that comes from factory so it won't melt.

P.S: Mine is a VAIO, so it's not a gaming rig but I have control of temps =D I'll play with it this week and put some results =D thank you!
While every additional 100mhz of processor speed you gain by overclocking will show a bit of improvement you may also be restricted by gpu here.

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