Mortal Kombat Armageddon Crashes

Im trying to run MK Armageddon on the latest version. But it crashes after the intro scene. I managed to run KOF Maximum Impact.

My System:
Dual CPU E2160 @ 1.80GHz
Intel® G33/G31 Express Chipset FamilySad

I could not find the older versions or the Playground. Which MK series runs smoothly? Plz help.

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I can tell you that this particular game runs really smooth on pcsx2. However, I am not sure whether your system is enough for this task, especially the video card.
Your System seems to be kinda week, perhaps its a notebook? Don't expect to get far with that rig mate.
Where can i find the previous versions of PCSX2? i wanna give a try on other versions. I searched for the PCSX2 Playground, cant find it here. Any link?
Sorry bud. To be honest, your rig is not gonna cut it. MK is pretty damn CPU and GPU intensive. And your lackin' in both of those with your computer. You would at least need to have a clock speed of 2.7GHZ or more to play it. Unfortunately if you get it to not crash, it's not gonna be very playable. Sorry Sad
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How about overclocking my CPU? Should i give it a try? any suggestion?
I've seen videos on Youtube of people playing at a speed I would be very happy with (I'm at about 65%) on systems very similar to mine. My CPU is 3.2 dualcore. GPU is GeForce 9500 gt. Plan on upgrading that part.
Ok, today i bought XFX 9400 GT. The first thing i did running MK A on PCSX2. Totally disappointed. The same thing happened- PCSX2 crashed after the intro scene. To be honest i upgraded my GPU only to play this game. Help plz
Where exactly does it crash? After the memory card or which movie did you try skipping the movies?

As you were told before this game is really slow u'd have to overclock your CPU a lot to get playable speeds.
Thanx for replying. I ran it on PCSX2 0.9.4, it crashes before the menu screen but it goes a little bit further than 0.9.6. Planing about overclocking my CPU. Any suggestions?

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