Mortal Kombat Armageddon PAL - Full speed at 2.5 GHz
My specs:
Intel Core2Duo E7200 @ 2.53 GHz (No OC)
Asus Radeon HD4850
Asus P5K SE Motherboard
2 Gigs of DDR2 RAM at 1066 Mhz
Windows XP Professional SP2

plugins are all the default plugins (all are standard settings but Gsdx and SPU-2)

Gsdx 3693 SSE2:
window resolution 1024*768
internal res: 2048 * 1536
Renderer: Direct3D9 (hardware)
all are on but "allow 8 bit textures"

all are default but Synchronizing mode is Async mix

First my game was 30-35 FPS.
With EE Cycle rate 3 and VU Cycle stealing 1 it was 35-40 FPS (DO NOT set it over 1! The FPS counter will give 50FPS, but the game will be like slow motion, also with the frame skipping will cause severe graphical bugs)

In the VUs VU0 / VU1 Advanced Recompiler Options setting clamping mode to None gave me +1 FPS.

Then I set the frame skipping to 1/1, constant skipping. (It will break videos, turn it off before videos, and after the videos turn it back. It will give +3 FPS, and a minimal stuttering, but after a 10 mins of gameplay, your eyes won't see the stuttering anymore. Also the 1/1 frameskipping will make 2 more speed hacks to work. (without the 1/1 frame skipping theese two speed hacks haven't gave any FPS boost)

Check mVU FLag Hack, it will give +3-4FPS (only with 1/1 frame skipping), check Wait Loop Detection, it will give +1-2 FPS (only with 1/1 frame skipping). The other speed hacks do not give any FPS boost, also mVU Min/Max Hack will crash/break the game.

Now my game runs at ~ 50 FPS. I didn't see the minimal stuttering anymore, and if the FPS drops (very rarely), don't go below 47-48 FPS...

I hope I could help.

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