Mortal Kombat:Armageddon too slow
MK Armageddon runs too slow.It never goes above 20-26FPS.My Specs c2D e4400 @ 2GHz,1 GB ram,MSI 8800GT.I tried VU skip and frameskip.I still cant achieve good speeds.I have PCSX2 svn 377.VU Skip should help??right??Some guy on YouTube posted a video of this game running at full speed??Is it possibel??

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No it is not possible.Videos are sped up to 100% speed,but the actual emulation is far slower.
MK games are running extremely slow even at the fastest systems.I'm only getting about 30 fps with my C2D at 3,7Ghz...nothing you can do but hope it gets fixed one day
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Well thats bad!
What is the difference between GSdx and ZeroGS.Is it true that ZeroGS allows higher resolutions with no speed impact??
No it isn't.The differences are too many to list,in general GSdx is better and faster nowadays.Still,as I said,no configuration can make MK games work at good speeds,regardless of hardware.It is a PCSX2 limitation.
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Well if thats the case i can just hope that the coders of PCSX2(gods for me!)will fix this one day.Or Midway would use its brains to port MK games to the PC
PC Portage->won't happen according to Midway's usual behaviour with pc games

Mk Armageddon is one of the games that works the worst for now.

Just stick to your PS2 Tongue2
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i have above 50 fps in MK A (in some scene 40-45)
try use this settings

PCSX 0.9.5 svn599 playground - All speed hack ON
VU + skip 1 ,1, 1
GSdx v891
internal Res 512x512
Logaritmic Z ON

and Max Overclock CPU
ok. We will need to live with MK Armageddon not working for the moment. but just for curious, in the compatibility list, it is shown as "playable". By playable, it means, "be able to run it, just not as you wish" ?? Tongue

it was a game i would like to try on my PC, and see differences comparing with the PS2. I always be an MK fan Laugh

another curious question, why it is said that problem relies in the EMU? i mean, if the devs are able to recognize that problem relies on his EMU, and not on CPU, GPU, RAM requirements, means that they already have an idea of what it can be, right??

or at least, that's what i like to think.


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