Mortal Kombat Armageddon - very slow
I'm using 0.9.7 version. Tekken 5 works really great, I have 50 fps during the fight. But in Mortal Kombat Armageddon I have only something about 20-25 fps, so it's very slow. Can I do something to make it work like Tekken 5?
Here's my settings and my computer's specs:
You can also see here, how Tekken 5 works for me.

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Make sure you are using the latest beta and plugins, don't go crazy with the resolution (infact try native), see if that helps.

Also Bositman noted this in one of his beta tests

Quote:Speed is VASTLY improved,with EEx2 hack I got 50-60 fps on average.Effects fixed.Fully playable
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Thanks, on "native" the game looks worse, but it has better speed. I also found out that it's better to use superVU Recompiler than microVU Recompiler, it also gives me some speed. It's still a little slow, but it's better now. My fps counter is strange, because it says that in MKA I have more than 80 fps during the fight, but I think it's something about 40-45 fps for now (but on some arenas it works worse, something about 35 fps). In Tekken 5 it says that I have 160 fps during the fight, but it's something about 60 (full speed thanks to superVU Recompiler instead of microVU). Can I do something about it? Because of it I can't say exactly, how much fps I have.
What is this EEx2 hack? I can't find it anywhere.
maybe because you fiddled around with the frame limiter to much and/or activated to many speedhacks...
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I don't use frame limitter, but yes, I activated all speedhacks, because they improve the speed very much. Without them I have something about 40 fps in Tekken 5, with them I have 60 fps. Is there any way to check my fps with speedhacks activated?
Speedhacks give a false FPS all the time, enabling all of them at full whack may possibly give you a negative effect. best having just the recommended speedhacks and putting the EE slider up one (Thats the left slider)
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