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Mortal Kombat Armaggedon memory leaking
first of all hi people,and the back to topic,with my new system and tweaking some settings i manage to run this game full speed (60fps),but in both modes dx9 and dx10 it haves huge memory leaking issues,the ones you have to press esc and then go to execute-resume,and you get back your 60 fps,this issue is anoying beacuse fps drop from 60 to 40 sometimes.It is any way to fix it??,has anybody the same problem as i.Please if you have it or not help me here Tongue

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I don't understand what you mean. Memory leaking problems are known in GSdx but this problem means that the plugin keeps taking up system RAM as time goes on without giving it back ending up draining all your RAM. Are you talking about this or about some FPS fluctuations?
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about the ram stuff,beacuse i naturally have no slowdowns in this game i mean i have 60fps all the time,and after a while it drops a lot.
Btw im using all the latest revisions and plugins
This is a different problem, not related to a memory leak (read again what a memory leak is, bositman described it nicely for you ).
My guess is your real problem is related to speedhacks.
mmm,now i dont seem to be getting those slowdowns,i unchecked 8bit textures option,and you may ask why i checked it in first place?,well it seems that it gives this game a nice speed up,but it will cost you some slowdowns so it isnt worth it
Suggestion: try changing some settings before making a new thread for each single problem you come across. Closed
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