Mortal Kombat-Deadly Alliance
I searched on the forum, but I coudn't find anything about MK-DA. The thing is, when I start the game, all I see is screen with letters Sony entertaiment... and that's all. Everything is black, and game doesn't work. Do you know what is the problem?

My configuration is
AMD X2 4000+
1GB ram
Palit 8600gt sonic +

Software is playground 1.0.0395, GSdx 0.1.12 (results are the same with ZeroGS 0.97.1), PEOPS SPU2 1.9.0, PEOPS CDVD 1.3.0


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oooooold gsdx version. Use latest one
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
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RAM : 16 Go
Thx. Seems it was realy stupid question Smile

I have another one. I tried robotech game too. Both games are running realy slow. I tried to reduce video quality, and turn on frame skip and that things, but it's not as fast as it should be (I think), and the graphic is realy bad. Is my computer slow for this? Could I fix this with better graphic card for example? Should I wait couple of months/years for better hardware or simply buy ps2, play couple of games and sell it Laugh?
Your pc is to slow for the more intensive games. You can try to get some more speed though: Use DirectX10 Mode in GSDX, MTGS, DaZ, VU-skip...

Just search the forums, there are many threads asking about more speed.
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