Mortal Kombat Deception GOOD&BAD
Hey guyz my name is stefan, but call me c0ndu. I just started using PCSX2 and it's awesome. I looked for the past 3 days forums and i was woundering about the best MKLaughECEPTION(&ARMAGEDDON) configuration. I was looking and I saw that all you guyz said that this game runs really low. well i really tweaked the game settings and got it 2 wok... well let's just say playable Biggrin . I have Q6600 quad core 2.4 Ghz, 2 GB RAM, and 8600 GT 512 graphic card. My pcsx2 current settings are GSDX 890 SSE2 1280*1024 Full SCREEN 60 Hz D3D HARDWARE nloop hack texture filtering all these things ON;ZEROSPU2( HERE IS THE BIG PROBLEM) ... CPU settings all on and VU Skip; Speed hacks ALL on ; on 3x cycle rate. I can play the game like this but if i change the SOUND PLUGIN the game starts to run lower. The thing is that the game is working FINE but the DAMN sound is in SLOW MOTION. Can some 1 gimme really good config for this please!

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