Mortal Kombat: Deception | Texture Overhaul [SLUS-20881]
Longtime PCSX2 user, first time poster here. With the official introduction of texture swapping in PCSX2, I was excited to get started on a texture overhaul project. Been working on this for a few hours and already have decent progress made. So far the combat (Kombat?) UI is overhauled (Healthbars, breakers, etc.), the character selection screen is improved, and button prompts are replaced with higher resolution versions. So far, that's it but I'm fairly experienced in Photoshop and image manipulation already so it won't be much work to improve this further.

https://1!AqQtt0mMKcssgw10Y36wml5J2_je?e=mRzobi (delete space, won't let me link directly to it)

https://i (pictures, again delete space)

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