Mortal kombat shaolin monks fix
any fix for mortal kombat shaolin monks, guys please fix this game its is the only worthy beat em up game on the ps2 after god hand and I am waiting for sooooo loooong for the fix please guys fix this, there are many people waiting for the fix please fix it if not fixed yet

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Stop begging, it won't change anything. It's not like the authors don't want to fix the game, it's because either they can't yet or they don't even know what's wrong to fix. Anyway as far as I know it works with GSdx software mode so use that.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
That's the game with some bad SPS, especially in the first level.
And yea, sorry but we have no idea what's wrong there.
Interpreters, different recompilers, clamp and round modes all don't make a difference.
Me too! I am trying everything I can to configure the settings to see if I can get some sort of better performance... Hasnt really changed though... do you guys know if there is a way to speed up these games on a laptop?
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