Most funny PCSX2 bugs
Sooo ....

We always hear people complain about bugs all day. I think its time to compliment some bugs for being what they are, FUNNY ^^.

An example by me and the first contribution: Paperchars in ToA.. they are fixed now ... but I always smiled when I saw em back then.

And my first contribution: The walking, talking Haircut


Soo cmon people .. think ... and post some screens of ur favourite bug Laugh
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Heh, maybe when i got some time I'll reconstruct the VU screwups i found once.
Imagine your character having his arms and legs twisting around while floating along the level. Hilarious Laugh
i've seen some funny ones when i've bugged some rec instructions.

like kratos in god of war waving his arms around above his head, i've also seen paper-flat kratos Biggrin
another funny one is all the enemies in Persona 3 laying sideways on the floor, like if they're all going to sleep or something Laugh
and also in GT4, at the start of the race your car flies into the sky.
I recall a bug from the 64 bit port, that was standing through all versions released. In Dark Cloud, after the initial FMV, the whole town is missing except for the mayors house, which is on top of some stairs. So the first thing you do is try to climb the stairs. Except that on the 64 bit version, your foot hits the stairs, goes through it, and you fall through the stairs, and find yourself tumbling from the sky...

And I'll admit to being a bit amused recently, when I started playing Hack: the Infection, and saw the issue with the corners of the ladies mouth twisting back and forth.

And it may be pretty well known, but the SPU2Ghz issue with FXII footsteps deserves a mention here.
Oh! And in Katamari Damaci, with a broken VU opcode, you fall through the floor.
When that happens, the king puts you back into the game, explaining about how he's sorry and that this was a "royal warp" just now.
I know CKemu found this thing before me but its just too funny to see Laugh

Ah, of course you'll fall trough the floor again after the king drops you.
So it's an endless cycle of fail Tongue2
Dark cloud - ppl only had head, hands and feets ( rayman without torso lol Tongue)
Rogue Galaxy - going throw the air or throw the floor to lower level is kind cool
XenoSaga ep 1 cut faces almost like the argument of the movie Face Off
I second the paper npc and .hack mouth problem.
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in Killer 7, if you have certain plugins (some version of Gsdx I think), the eyes of the characters BULGE OUT like freaking cartoon characters. It's pretty hilarious in retrospect, but not at the time, cause I was crying about the game's performance T_________T;
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Dont forget the classic ffx bug ... When the boss and heros dont want to face each other and look the other way.
Fighting for peace is like ***** for virginity ...

Failure is not an option | It is bundled with your Microsoft product
It's definitely either the paper characters in TotA (esp. the gardener...) or when opponents don't get along and face away from each other in FFX. Both are hilarious.
A pic from PCSX2's MAC port that Zedron is working on lol

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