Most weird bug ever, God Of war II
Greetings, im new on this forum.
Before anything, please apologize me if my english isnt to good. thanks. Biggrin Ninja

I was playing gow 2 as usual. i was on the temple of euryale and suddenly i fell to that weird acid lava. i jumped and i survived, but i m pretty sure that that fall was a total death, it was weird visualy.. well, when i was walking after that with kratos, half of my control buttons werent working, just the jumps, the analog to move around. the start button and the R1 and R2.
Yeah really, this will sound weird but, the O button isnt working as it should, it isnt making the right animation but when i want to open a door with R1+repeatedly pressing O (circle)
IT WORKS!! its insane!!! i can jump, i cant use square to attack or triangule. i cant use L1 to block.  and listen this. when i make a new game from the begining or when i load an old save. 
ALL BUTTONS WORKS! its totally a bug that is located on that saved game. I can download a new save or start again from other save but. I love to solve this weird problems.
ITS INSANE!!!  Wacko
Things like 
989 ERROR 55 84000017 0 0 0

989 ERROR 55 84000018 0 0 0

989 ERROR 54 8401000d 0 0 0

989 ERROR 55 8400001b 0 0 0

989 ERROR 54 8400001c 0 0 0

Show oftenly and be sure that i have configurated perfectly all the lilypad setup, because ITS WORKING WHEN I START A NEW GAME!!
If u have a solution i will love you.
Thanks you PCSX2 community.
Peace and love.

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Have you messed with the EE/IOP or VU settings(config ->emulation settings)? I'd make sure those are set to default. You also probably want to make sure you don't have any manual game fixes enabled. (Unless the game really needs one)
EE/IOP or VU set to default, Manual game fixes Disabled, and i have tested on the minimal requirement. with the most safe configs.
I have no idea then lol. Did you update to a new version of the emulator recently?
I downloaded the 1.4.0 and i have been using it since last week?

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