Motion blur-like effects due to interlacing mode
I was trying Maximo: Ghosts to Glory and Dark Cloud and when turning my character I notice the whole scenery gets a softened look, almost like a motion blur. I was thinking my monitor is melting or something, but then I fiddled with interlacing options. Only interlacing: none makes it look as crisp as on a CRT and gets rid of all ghosting, but it does introduce jitter or comb effects depending on which setting I use.

Is this a general thing for all games (barring those that have progressive mode), or could it be that one deinterlacing method works better on one game but another one is perfect for a different game? In the mentioned games it seems "none" gives me best results.

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It depends on the game, usually switching the Interlace mode will reduce motion blur. Most of the time bob tff works best, but see what you like the most
Thanks, that one seems to work best indeed Smile

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