MotioninJoy setup with pcsx2?? help
Hey guys. I just got my controller recognized by motioninjoy.

Now, how do I set up the controller and analog in lillypad? I got the buttons configured, but the analog sticks dont seem to want to bind. Also, even though I bind the game controller buttons in lillypad, they dont seem to work in game. Do I need to like turn them on or something?

edit: I got the analogs bound now, but they seemed to have over written the DPADs bindings. Plus I still cant figure out how to enable the use of the controller though. Even though I bound it all, it still doesnt work ingame

edit2: nvm

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i suguest using the xbox 360 emualtion on it as you can add rumble to it as i found xpad setting in lilpad useful pity about the ps3 bit of it tho

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