Motionjoy odd button mapping within PCSX2 (R2 and R1 being swapped)
Hello, I am having a bit of difficulty with this and would very much like some help. I am using Motionjoy with a DS3 to play games within PCSX2. But in game I get odd button mapping. I am trying to play Kingdom Hearts right now. Using the Playstation 2 POV option, R2 and L2 are mapped to right and left on the right joystick, L1 and R1 do nothing, and R2 locks on (it should be R1). Using the Playstation 3 option, the right joystick is fine, but R1 and R2 are swapped (L2 and R2 should be camera buttons, R1 should be lock on). Using the Playstation 2 pressure sensitive option, PCSX2 does not pick anything up and says motionjoy is disconnected.

When I test the device in the lilypad settings the L1/L2 R1/R2 values are swapped.

Ah never mind, just had to map everything out accordingly in the motionjoy settings. Lock this thread please

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