Motorstorm Arctic not working
I gave on this game Black Screen Glare
On start it WORKS
[Image: 72869552.png]

But when i click X i get BLACK SCREEN
[Image: 47188630.png]

PCSX 0.9.6 with GSDX 2249 0.1.15

Any have idea to fix it? Unsure

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Why are you using the latest SVN build of GSDx, but the old stable build of pcsx2? Just curious on that...

Full settings for the emu as well as full system specs (CPU/Videocard/Operating system)

Anyways, try with PCSX2 revision 1888 which you can get from the download section of the forum or the main website. Try enabling microVU0 and 1. If that doesn't work, the game may just be unplayable yet.
[Image: 2748844.png]

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