Mouse Analog and Click Issues
I'm new to PCSX2, but it was easy to install, setup, and run. Although it was easy up until then I am having trouble trying to bind my mouse as the analog up, down, left, right and also binding my left and right mouse button. All my clicking does is force a fullscreen and even when the option has been disabled, my mouse still doesn't seem to respond with the corresponding command(Such as left click binding to cross and right click binding to square and my analog X and Y movements to move as the right analog stick). I've shifted through other threads were there was the same issue to no avail. I can't wait to play Kingdom Hearts and without the proper bindings it is difficult to play. My Mouse is a Razer Naga and below is a picture of the bindings if it helps. Could someone please help me? Thank you.

[Image: fm5ap0.png]

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I've figured out how to use the right and left button binding successfully but still have problems with using my mouse as the right analong.
Give Nuvee a try, I had a better experience using a mouse with it rather than lilypad:
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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