Mouse control accuracy

I try to use PCSX2 with MOH Rising Sun. I have actived and I use Keyboard + mouse control to play. It work, but I am confused by two problems :
- A permanent time lag between real mouse movement, and game player control (+/-0,5sec)
- And I have a verry poor acuracy with mouse movements. MW mouse viewer show mouse coordinates by 0,125 steps values.

I have a good computer configuration (Intel i7 Gen2; GTX 1060 Amp!; 8Go RAM). I do not think it is the problem source.

Do you have any solution ?

Thank you !

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At the LilyPad settings (on the PAD 1 tab), select all the Mouse axes, then increase the sensitivity.
You might also want to decrease the deadzone a little.

If there is still an issue, you could try changing the Mouse API on the General tab to see if that helps.

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