Mouse doesn't respond? [SOLVED]
Hello again. 
I have tried to make my mouse work for a first person shooter called BLACK by Criterion Games. 
The game runs fine and the keyboard works just right. But my mouse doesn't respond no matter what I do. It's not just the camera movement, but Mouse 1,2,3,4 don't work either. 
I have tried literally every single API option. I checked the Lilypad plugin, etc. But still, the game refuses to use my mouse! Is there any solution to this? 
My mouse is a Natec Genesis GX55, wired. 

I really hate playing shooters with controllers. Even a game with input delay on mouse is much easier than using a controller for me.  Unsure
I would truly appreciate any help.

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You might want to untick the "Start without mouse focus" checkbox. You can also enable and disable the mouse by assigning a button to "Mouse" on the Pad 1 tab.
Thanks man! Works now

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