Mouse in Time Crisis/Silent Scope
hello i am trying to get the mouse working in either of these games. it just does not seem to work. i think this morning i configured things correctly BUT when i launch the game i have no mouse cursor which makes them impossible to play (i chose to unhide mouse cursor during gameplay but it still doesn't show onscreen). i am quite confuddled about it and could do with some help thank you very much in advance :-)

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it would be absolutely great if the developers could implement this "as standard" for each lightgun game as they're effectively unplayable without a crosshair (or using a joypad, ugh). there are umpteen videos on youtube stating how to do it with external plugins etc but i can't get any of this stuff to work and most of them seem to focus on the avx builds which don't seem to be downloadable any more. i hope someone can help thanks !
with the per game option set to show (unhide) crosshair, and the main interface option set the same i still don't get a crosshair, can anyone suggest how to get this to display ? if i pause the game it shows up but ingame it's never there Sad thanks in advance !
i found this in another topic on the subject but it's from 12 years ago so maybe is no longer valid but

"Try checking/unchecking "start without focus" on LilyPad setting, maybe even disabling "monitor in background" or disabling the mouse API."

but i don't know what lilypad is :/

could i be so bold as to propose an override for the mouse cursor so that one could select "mouse as target" and a png file could be chosen or suchlike so as to facilitate playing shooting games really easily ? that would be absolutely great ! my crt is tiny and very much on the blink, as are my eyes (not tiny, but on the blink) and it would be great to be able to play my light gun games like time crisis with mouse ! (obviously silent scope can be played with a joystick "fudge" to mouse control and that works fine as the game has a target already). there are a lot of light gun games this would help a lot with and i'm happy to design crosshairs if required !

(but, still, a workaround for "no mouse cursor at all" would be really useful !)
okaaaaay... still "getting somewhere". i've found if i assign the mouse to the joypad, disable guncon input, then i get a crosshair. HOWEVER the mouse is very slow even at 200% speed. Could we get a bump on the stick movement speed to about 500% or higher in the next update ? i appreciate it's useless for stick players but they don't need to use it BUT it would be really helpful and would resolve these lightgun shooter issues pretty much totally as we get both a crosshair and great movement speed. this would be a really great thing to implement !
(but, ideally, NOT switching off the mouse cursor in guncon mode would be the way forward, really, for accuracy. even with mouse at 100% movement speed and thumbstick speed at 200 it's about 1/2 the speed it could/should be and the guncon implementation enables us to whip the shots from one side of the screen to the other very quickly, as it should be).

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