Mouse movement laggy?
Hello guys!
Im new to pcsx2 so i am facing a problem.
I want to play Medal Of Honor: Frontline, i already put the game with "good graphics" and playable, but the think is that i can play with my mouse, but is too laggy, i will try to explain myself.

The movement with the mouse is terrible, i cant decently aim because when i move the mouse it stops between movements... So whenever i move the mouse to my left, it stops like 5 times until it reachs my enemy.
It's not fluid like on other game outside PCSX2, the movement of my mouse its laggy, but the game is not
It's like im not getting 60fps on my mouse movement, if thats makes sense to you.
Thank you!

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I've been trying to mess around with the DeadZone and SkipDeadZone... The mouse movement it's better, more smooth, but still with spike movements...
Any suggestions?

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So you are using the mouse to move around the game. what are you using to aim and shoot, keyboard?
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No, im using MOUSE1 and MOUSE2.. but the problem is not that, i think

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