Mouse sensitivity too low

I've been playing around with Final Fantasy 12. It's great on the emu. I've setup my keyboard and mouse so that everything feels natural. The only thing...the mouse sens is low.

I use the mouse to look around and the sens is set to 128 (max). It's still slower than I'd like. There's also some blank spots because the mouse can't mimic the ps2 analog stick properly.

What can I do? ;o

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increse your mouse speed in your system configuration ( for windows its start->control panel->mouse )
or use your ps2 controler or any other gamepad with analogue sticks that can fit into your computer.
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Thx. ;o

Hey I also have a problem with exiting the game in fullscreen mode. If I press esc the game still runs and every mouse movement,keyboard press causes it to flicker to where I can see behind the game. There's no way to get out of the game except to power down my computer.
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Try updating your GSdx also try using the "safe fullscreen exit on esc" on lilypad, or the "close GS windows on esc" option in the Misc menu, there's also the "Esc Hack - use Esc key to fully exit PCSX2" in the speedhacks options. One of those gotta help you Tongue2
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