Movable objects are invisible in Resident Evil Outbreak File 2
I have this problem only in Outbreak 2 where some interactable objects like crates are invisible. If you know where they are you can still move them but you can't see them. I haven't tried much of the first Outbreak so I don't know if it's a problem in that one too.

My GS plugin is GSDX 5334 AVX and I have Renderer set to Direct 3D11 (hardware). If I set it to Software all the objects appear but the game looks horrible as if it was in native resolution. My processor speed is 2.4 GHz and my graphics card is 128MB integrated. I know that sounds bad but both Outbreaks play very well on my pc even at 2x native res and with a widescreen patch on and they both run at full speed without any other graphics problems. Those are the only games I've tried that work like that so I guess I'm lucky lol. Anyway do you guys have a suggestion to fix this?

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Software mode IS native. Probably not a whole lot you can do if it works in software and not hardware. You can try adjusting some of the hacks in GSDX, but don't get your hopes too high... there are just some effects/objects that don't work in hardware due to how different the PS2 and PC architectures work.
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Try to change clamping mode to nearest or positive.
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(09-10-2013, 04:43 AM)Brock lessner Wrote: Try to change clamping mode to nearest or positive.

You mean rounding mode? There are two, EE/IOP and VUs. I tried them both on nearest, positive and negative and it didn't work. Thanks for the suggestion though.

@Koji Wow software mode is native? That looks horrible lol. I don't remember it looking that bad on a CRT years ago. Anyway I thought you might be right but on youtube there are videos of people playing in 720p without this problem. Thanks though.

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