Moving memcard between versions

I've been running all my games on the 1.4.0 version, but ran into an issue with a game (Missing boat, Sly3). 

I found a suggestions that the particular game will run better on 1.1.0. After downloading the 1.1.0 I copied the entire BIOS folder from my 1.4.0 into the older version.

Everything appears to be running correctly, but I'm having some trouble getting the memcard from the 1.4.0 onto the 1.1.0.

When I open the memorycard in the Browse-menu on the 1.4.0 it displays all my different save-files, but when I insert the same card from the same location into the 1.1.0 and open it, it displays a long list of save files from games I have never played, but none of my own.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this work? I'm not the most technologically competent, and I'm open for the possibility that I am an idiot.

- J2B

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Which game supposedly runs better on 1.1.0?
@CK1, I believe it's Sly Cooper 3 that he's suggesting works better.

@OP, Did you also move the "memcards" folder to the 1.1 folder?
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@CK1, It was Sly Cooper 3, yes. I googled the issue, and someone suggested that it would run better on the 1.1.0

@ShadedTear, I tried moving the entire folder, moving separate memcards, making and moving duplicates, etc.

Although it is a bit frustrating to just leave it, the original issue with the game running on 1.4.0 suddenly resolved itself, so I guess I will have to let the memcard isssue go for now.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

- J2B

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