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Multi Converter - Cheats decrypter/converter/editor and much more
Can you add support to save the Settings file in Windows folder or in the Converter.exe, because i keep this on my desktop which is already very messy
Lost in the Vastness of Mugen.

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Why not move the converter to your pcsx2 I said,if the converter in the pcsx2 folder,no settings will be created.
You can create a shortcut of it to the desktop and keep the converter in the pcsx2 directory.
Version 9 Released
  • Major Feature: Now the converter support converting any encryption type codes(that omniconvert support)to raw and then to pnach.
    Just place any of the omniconvert supported code formats into the RAW side,choose the correct encryption of the codes and click on the Decrypt button.

    The converter will start omniconvert(you need to download the version I'm posting)as hidden process(no visible windows),convert the codes,place them into the converter raw side and close omniconvert...just like using gui for dos program.

  • Added: Upon starting the converter,couple of things may happen:
    1.If the converter is in the pcsx2 folder but omniconvert is not,a message will appear asking you what you want to do
    Yes - choose the omniconvert location...settings file will be created pointing where the omniconverter is.

    No - will create settings file containing that you don't want to use the decrypting part(to get that message again,delete the OmniPath= from the settings file)so every time you start the converter,both the drop down list and the decrypt button will be inactive

    Cancel - Act as no but don't save settings and ask every time until you place the omniconvert in the same directory as the converter,choose the location of omniconverer or decide to not use the feature

    2.If both pcsx2 and omniconvert are in the same directory as the converter,no settings will be created

  • Since the converter is now more than just RAW <=> Converter,we need a new name.
    Multi Converter.

  • Note: The "RAW <=> Pnach" item in the drop down list don't do anything,it just stays there(to not get confused)
  • Note2: Since this feature is still new,sometimes something may go wrong.
    As a fix for this,If the decrypting process is not done withing 10 seconds time(10 second is plenty of time(omniconvert can decrypt ~23000 line of codes in less than 10 seconds)),a message will appear and you can try again...this problem appear rarely(can't find yet the reason)

  • Note3: Because the converter start omniconvert as hidden process,if you close the converter before the decryption finish,omniconvert may still stay as process in the task a fix for this,closing the converter will also close any running instances of omniconvert
nice one vsub best update.

ehhh, why is the title of this thread is changing?
Lost in the Vastness of Mugen.
Well because the converter is not just RAW to Pnach anymore Tongue2
Version 10 Released
  • Changed: As I said,we now have new name for the program
  • BugFix: RAW <=> Pnach item in drop down menu work incorrectly(it's supposed to not do anything)
  • BugFix: I think I fix the problems with omniconvert(codes randomly were not converted)...the problem appeared really rarely so I can't be 100% sure
  • Change: Made a change that decreases the decrypting speed...meaning,you get your decrypted raw codes faster
  • Updated: Now the Pnach to RAW completely removes all characters that are used to comment codes\cheat description
  • And some fixes and rewriting about how paths and and settings are used.
Version 11 Released
  • Code optimization
  • Removing some useless code
  • Made the converting process(RAW to Pnach)little faster
  • Try little harder to found the game title(if the title is for some reason on the second or the third row of the pnach file)
  • One more limitation it removes master codes when converting RAW to Pnach

PS.If you find any bugs,report them(the master codes removal part was kinda hard to implement)
Version 12 Released
  • Changed: Used different method for converting and updating the already converted codes...this change made the converting speed extremely faster.

    The test is done on a txt file with 22700 lines of codes:
    Old method
    10% - 3 Min(I couldn't wait anymore)

    New method
    100% - 17 Seconds
  • Removed: Removing the percentage...removing it,decrease the converting time ~ 6 times

    Same testing file with it
    100% - 17 Seconds
    Same testing file without it
    100% - 3 seconds

    Without the progress bar the difference is 2 or 3 times faster but you can barely see such difference when converting HUGE amount of codes so the progress bar will stay(he is not really needed now but I want to have at least something to measure the progress done)

    So now the converter is as fast as PCSX2CE

  • Added: Shows over the progress bar once the converting is done,how much time it took(in milliseconds)

  • And some other code optimizations
Version 14 Released
  • Removing not needed code.
  • Optimizing the code.
  • Some small GUI features(not really worth mentioning).
  • BugFix: On the RAW to Pnach converting if there are any characters after the cheat value.
  • BugFix: On the RAW to Pnach converting if the cheat description is numbers only.

    Since the converter is now really fast,I added another function.

    This is more advanced feature so read carefully is you want to use it.

  • Added: Send button on the raw side which send the cheats placed in the raw side to pcsx2(if it's running).

    The important thing is that you have to place either raw or pnach format codes,not both formats and they must not be encrypted,they must be raw or pnach formatted raw codes.

    For example like this
    //All Items

    All Items
    4050DE40 00270001
    01010101 00000000

    When clicking the button while pcsx2 is running,this will happen

    1.The System=>Enable Cheats option will be activated(if it's not).
    2.The cheats will be secretly converted to pnach format
    3.If cheats for the current game exist,a Backup directory will be created in the cheats directory and the existing codes will be moved there.
    4.A new file will be created with the sended codes.
    5.And finally the converter will force an update on pcsx2 so the cheats can be loaded.

    PS.The backup is done only once,so your original codes will stay the same.

    You can for example copy some raw codes from the forum,paste them into the converter and immediately apply them to pcsx2(if it's running).

    This way you can try if the copied codes actually work or do some memory editing program like changes to the sended codes(changing values and addressed).

  • Added: While PCSX2 is running,the load button got new function...if a backup exist in the Backup directory for the current game,the backed up pnach file will be restored and loaded.

  • Added: Upon closing the converter,every backed up pnach file will be restored.Cheats that did not exist before will stay

  • Added: Like on PEC(PSX Emulation Cheater),you can enable\disable all cheats while playing with Ctrl+A without the need to exit the game window

  • Changing the thread title to something more informative
    Multi Converter - Cheats decrypter/converter/editor and much more

btw, you forgot the Version 13!!
Lost in the Vastness of Mugen.

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