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Multi Converter - Cheats decrypter/converter/editor and much more
I didn't,I just don't like that number Tongue2

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Version 15 Released
  • Some Little bugs with Ctrl+A hotkey(enable\disable the cheats while playing)and other things(forgot that some people use the installer version of pcsx2 Tongue2 )

  • After sending codes to pcsx2,if you click on the Save button,a prompt will appear asking you
    "Do you want to keep those code and delete the backup?"

    Yes - This deletes the backup so the last sended codes will remain as your codes for that game

    No - This deletes the last sended codes and restore the backup

    Cancel - Return to the converter without doing anything

    This feature is active as long as you click on the Send button at least once and pcsx2 is still running.
    The prompt will appear again after sending some other codes again

  • Almost the same applies to closing the converter.
    If you send some codes,when closing the program,a prompt will appear asking you

    "Do you want to keep the current codes and delete the backups or restore the backups?"

    Yes - Deletes all backups and keep the current codes
    No - Restore all backups
    Cancel - Return to the editor

    PS.The prompt while closing the program exist only if you didn't use the save button

  • I'm going a little off track but I can't think of any other features related to codes converting so I'm just adding some features that I always wanted pcsx2 to have but they are not added to pcsx2(yet)

    So...pressing F2 or Shift + F2 while PCSX2 is running(the game window is active),a tooltip will appear for 1,5 seconds telling you to which save state slot you are switching to and if there is existing save state on that slot or the slot is empty.

    For example,you have saves on slot 2,3 and 5,the tooltip will appear like this(while switching state)
    Switching to slot 1 - the tooltip will show "Slot 1 is Empty"
    Switching to slot 2 - the tooltip will show "Slot 2 is Used"
    Switching to slot 3 - the tooltip will show "Slot 3 is Used"
    Switching to slot 4 - the tooltip will show "Slot 4 is Empty"
    Switching to slot 5 - the tooltip will show "Slot 5 is Used"
    and so on.
Version 16 Released
  • Added: Another great feature never existed in PCSX2 before(requested multiple times)

    Changed the way save state info is's not tooltip,it's...are you ready Tongue...a image preview of the save state Smile

    While PCSX2 is running(game window is active)pressing F1,along with the creation if the save state,the converter also creates a small image preview of the state(it uses for name "the game CRC.0state slot number" )

    When switching withing states,if there is no image of the state,the old info with "State is Used" will be displayed but in a new better way(on the upper right like on ePSXe but kinda looks better)and if there is an image,the image will be displayed below

    PS.This new feature relly on(the image creating)the program Irfan View so if you don't have it,you have to download it.

    You don't really need to even start the program,the converter just need to know where Irfan View is and you may forget that you ever downloaded it.

  • Changed: To make things more clean in the pcsx2 folder,if you want to use the converter with the "No Settings" way,now the programs don't need to be in PCSX2 directory but in sub directory called Tools.

    So if you use the "No Settings" way till now,before starting the converter,create a new directory in the PCSX2 directory and move the OmniConverter and IrfanView there.

    And again,if Irfan View don't exist in the PCSX2\Tools directory,a prompt will appear asking you if you want to use that feature

    Yes - Set Irfan View path
    No - A Disabled info will be added to the settings the you won't be able to use that feature until you delete the "IRFPath=" line and set the path
    Cancel - The feature will be temporary disabled(a prompt will appear the next time you start the program)

And btw,don't change the IrfanView name(i_view32)or if you want to change it,make cure that the name contains at least "view" in it.

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Wow that's great, I'll let the team know in case we can use your code Smile
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I almost finish changing some bugs with the names,so now the image preview is placed in the same directory as the save states(not in sub folder's the same way as ePSXe but you can view the images with any image viewer)and the name used is the same name as the save state name but with .jpg extension.

BTW the code is not C\C++ or anything like that(I'm not really a developer),I used the AutoHotkey_L language to scan the console for the game crc, and the save state number then output them into variables.
Then I edit those variables,do some checks and in then output the result as splash image placed at the upper right corner of the client area(below the tittle bar)

Doing such checks will be even easier if they were part of pcsx2(the checks can actually be a lot faster because pcsx2 already have the needed info...I have to check for the info every time I press F2)

I doubt the devs won't be able to create such a thing...maybe they just didn't consider the option that you can make a screenshot of the client area(not the whole screen or use GSdx to output an far as I know he can output only bmps which are really big and the images are always with different resolution).
The image don't have to be integrated into the game window...placing it over it works just as good(as you can see)

Irfan View captures image of the client area,resize it and then save it with the same name as the save state.
Great work there, I hope we'll soon see this (or something based on it) in PCSX2 Smile
Version 17 Released

Ok now that was a tough one...having to consider all those conditions:
1.Since the program was started,not even once F2 was used.

2.Changing states from the menus rather with F2 will not get the correct info.
Btw the feature work only when you use the F keys,you wont get preview or create image if you use the menus to change states or save states.

3.If save state don't exist for the current slot,I had to rely to scanning the console again(it's not something special...the info I need is on the same line as the crc which I also get)for the image name when saving
  • Changed: Now the images are stored in the sstates folder(not in sub folder like before)and they use the same names as the save states

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Version 18 Released

Hmm,why didn't though of that rather that wasting so much time thinking for a ways to fix all those problems depending on condition.
  • Changed: The converter get the name for the image from the console,1 second after pressing F1(the needed info is already there by that time)

    This allowed me to increase the process and shorten the code.

  • Added: You can minimize the program to tray by clicking on the version number at the lower right and restore by single click over the you can keep the program running(and use the extra features with no taskbar button getting in the way)
  • Added: The Insert key act as the F2 key except that it doesn't switch to another state(meaning,it's used to show info for the slot...used\not and with preview if there is)
  • And some more changes that increase the speed of getting the needed info to save and display

PS.The insert key feature works correctly if you press F2 at least once on the current game
Version 19 Released

Some more fixes
  • Forgot that the Insert key was used by PCSX2 so the key now for save state info is the Home button(unless it's used again Tongue2 )
  • The Home button now can give you info for the slot even if you didn't press F2 even once since PCSX2 is started.
Version 2.0 Released
  • I'm going to use this way for version numbers from no on
  • When pressing F1,when the saving is done,a preview will appear
  • Fade out animation for the preview
  • And some more fixes(other ways to get the needed info to display and save preview)
  • If not enough info is collected,rather than info for the slot,it will just show "Slot Number" and below,"Not enough Info"
    To get\create preview,the program need to get from the console,the game crc(by either using the info where we always check the crc or if that doesn't exist for some reason(you clear the console or pcsx2 for some reason didn't get the crc),it will try getting it from the last loaded\saved state and if that doesn't exist,then that info will appear.
    The Save state number,the program first try to get from the console and if such info doesn't exist,the it used the number from the GSdx window
  • And finally,that Home button(save state info)was kinda hard to find why it get wrong info when certain conditions are met
  • Pressing Esc to close the game window,also closed the preview(before there was 2 second wait time before it disappear)

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