Multi Disc Games Question
I started playing my first multi disc game on PCSX2 ( Shadow Hearts 2: Covenant, 4 hours into the game and everything works perfect ) and i started to wonder how disc swaping works, will it work fine when i will get to the moment in which i will need to change the disc? I ask because i dont want to be disapointed after i put hours into a game and i wont be able to finish it Tongue
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As far as I remember Covenant lets you save right on the disc change (most multi disc games let you do this) then you can load that save with the other disc, shouldn't be a problem at all but then again I haven't played it on pcsx2 so I can't be sure how it'll be.
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Only PS1 games requires disk swap to be able to continue.On every PS2 game that is on more that one disk you get the possibility to save before changing the disk.Even if there is no way to change the disk while playing(because of problem with the plugin/emu for example),you can just restart the emu,start the next disk and load the save that you made before the game ask for the next disk.

Shadow Hearts 2,Grandia 3,Onimusha 4 and so on works in that way.
A savestate might work as well if you cannot save. When it gets to the screen. savestate, exit, put in the next dvd, load up the savestate(be sure to save it as a file that you can load rather than a slot). I can't say that it will work, never had to do that before, but in theory it should.
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Savestate would still be asking for Disc 2 Tongue
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Infel: I don't think that would work. A savestate is a complete memory dump of your current gameplay that's then loaded back up exactly. Yes, there'd be a difference in that a different disc is loaded, but the game itself won't realize a change has occurred. Some sort of signal would have to be sent to the game letting it know a disc change had happened.

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try using plugin instead of iso image and use a virtual drive to mount the image on 1 drive and other image you wanna use on a diffrent drive. then simply change drives in plugin settings when it prompts you to.
Check the dates before you post, the thread is over 2 years old. Also mounting the iso in any program is known to cause all sorts of problems. Its really easy to switch disk in the latest beta, just change the selected iso and a prompt will appear letting you choose to swap disk/reboot or cancel.

Edit: Well not over 2 years but still very old.
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Over a year old, close enough Tongue2
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