Multi-GPU cards vs single-gpu cards
I'm about to buy a new graphics card, and as I looked around what to buy, I came to a dilemma.

There's nVidia gtx 285 and 295. Both has their own advantages. 295 is a dual-gpu card, wich would make it more powerful, BUT each single gpu in it is weaker than the 285's gpu. And therefore, those applications, that cannot take advantage of a multi-gpu solution, will run better with a 285.
So the question is given:
Does Gsdx and pcsx2 take adavntage of a multi gpu solution, or is it better to buy a single gpu card with more power per core ?

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"Is SLI/Crossfire useful?

These options are enabled by your GPU's drivers and is independent of pcsx2. We haven't tested the effects of using SLI or Crossfire with pcsx2, but if you encounter problems, try disabling these settings in your GPU's drivers config."
Hm no he's talking about a single GPU but with 2 cores...not sure about performance, I don't think anyone has compared how GSdx performs in both of these cases.
I have a hunch a single core GPU which is more powerful as a unit will perform better but I can't be sure of that
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last I heard a dual-core GPU was simply a full-packaged SLI card for convenience, but hey, I could be wrong
You're right, the GTX 295 is simply two GPU's sandwiched together, but it only goes into one PCIE slot. When gaming and/or running 3D applications, it will be treated as a SLI set-up. So, if a game doesn't support SLI, only one card will be use (unless you force SLI with a third party program).

As far as PCSX2 goes, no one knows for sure. It just depends on what you do with your PC. If you play PC games more than PCSX2, then you should just get the 295. If not, go with the 285.Tongue
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for pcsx2 use the 285 because pcsx2 does not support SLI yet
Oh then if it is also used as an SLI configuration, it won't give any speed boost to PCSX2. So yeah a single 'core' gfx card will work faster with it
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