Multi press on keyboard
Is there a way to enable multi button press using keyboard? For example left and right arrow at the same time. New to using pcsx2 and haven't quite figured everything out yet.

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This is usually a limit of the keyboard.  Keyboard manufacturers often put many keys on the same "circuit" of sorts within the wiring of the keyboard. This prevents multiple keys in the same region of the keyboard from being pressed simultaneously. Sometimes it even prevents more than 2 keys at all from across the whole keyboard being pressed at once.  This is not just limited to cheap keyboards sometimes even expensive gaming keyboards have the same limitations.

You can try googling your specific model keyboard/laptop and remove key limit and see if there is a fix, but there may not be one.
Keyboards always have something called a Keypress buffer, back in the old days that was quite small and the keyboard was beeping like mad when holding 3+ buttons at the same time. In the present it is still there, sure it is bigger, but there is NO keyboard overall that won't tripout if multiple (Read 10+) keys are pressed. Isn't it the keyboard itself it's Windows.

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