Hey I'm wondering if there is a solution to support the swapping of the disc, cause I want to use the Load Original option in Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends with the Dynasty Warriors 5 iso but after swapping, the game says it's the wrong disc. Someone asked something similar (3 years ago?) so I'm wondering if there the devs have already fixed it using some other plugin. Thanks in advance.

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Use the internal ISO Loader under CDVD in PCSX2
Ermm it didn't work for me, like I said in my previous post it said wrong disc was used when it is the correct iso.
tried using gigahertz DVD plugin + daemon tools ?
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Nope, didn't try but I guess it's ok since the load original isn't important for me to enjoy the game. Thanks for the replies!
you can load dfferent DVDs only once it seems. I had it somewhat working on MR:EVO but it only worked on 2 swaps. btw, load whatever you want to load as the final disc fist on PLUGIN linuziso (that's what worked for me)

Let me make this clear, I'm NOT GUARANTEEING this will work, just offering a suggestion.
No, Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors disc swapping still doesn't work (I've tried all possible ways Tongue)
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