Multiple simple questions
Number 1: Was toying around with various games; Jak 2 was playable but when i opened it up it was in japanese (this is my own disc from the US). Possible BIOS error? It is indeed my own bios, nothing illegal, and it is in english for everything else, so???

Number 2. Would running an ISO off of the harddrive be faster than running a ps2 disc? I don't know if it's the same thing, but so far i've only loaded my own discs, and they've all worked rather well considerally my ***** specs.

Number 3. Different games require different settings? At the moment, is it necessary to reconfigure the emulator for different games, because different errors require different fixes?

Number 4. How do speed hacks work, to pseudo jack-up fps? And where can one download these, as I couldn't find a DB of them on here.

That's all, address what you can Smile

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1 : dunno about this, maube you midumped your bios ?
2 : yes, it'll be faster.
Tip : use imgburn to make isos from your DVDs
3 : yes, there a a few games that require specific fixes. Those are explicitely named in "fixes" section of pcsx2 0.9.7
4 : you don't "download" speedhacks. they're built in pcsx2.
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1) It is possible that you some how got the Japanese version of the game. You should probably check with whoever sold it to you.

2) Loading will be much faster. Game performance will remain the same.

3) You don't have to do it for every game. You just need to do it for some games (the problematic ones). The settings are saved in the .ini files in the ini folder, so you can save different settings and put them somewhere. When you want to use them, just copy paste. At least, that's how I would do it.

4) The speedhacks are in the emulation settings. Each speedhack works differently, so it would take a wall of text to explain them all. Tongue
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1) Try running the game from the bios (System > Boot CDVD (full) in PCSX2 0.9.7).

4) You find them in the emulator settings, they work different from game to game and machine to machine, might give huge speed boost or non at all in some cases, might also just break your games so better to try them per game.
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