Musashi: samurai Legend
Hello peepz,

Musashi having problems with teh grafics.

some monsters have red eyes and if i see them my whole screen becomes red. and it is sometimes choppy.

My computer:

Amd athlong 6000+ X2 3100ghz
Nvidia Point of view 9600GT 512 mb ram
3,2 gigabyte Ram.

What can i do about it to let it run normal

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#2 did you not learn the first time?

we don't help pirates, or support piracy.

Quote:All users must accept and abide by the following rules when posting in these forums:

1. Warez talk is prohibited and frowned upon,to prevent legal issues.You may not post links or refer to any kind of BIOS,ROM,ISO,Game that has been illegally obtained or shared. If any post like that is found,the thread containing it will be closed.
Sad i did learn but this time i use diffrend
this time i asked my friend to give me his cd to play it and i deleted the downloaded game

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