My Comp vs Anime Games
My specs is
Athlon X2 64 4800+
4gb DDr2 RAM
HD4850 toxic

about ~year ago [ver 0.94, i had x1950pro gpu] i was able to play dbz budokai 3 with nice speed [40fps, fully comfortable]. i finished game, but lilypad had problems with supporting my gamepad [logitech chillstream, current version works fine] and i deleted pcsx and game. yesterday, i downloaded v 0.96 with newest plugin, borrowed downloaded bleach blade battlers 1st menus is good - 60fps, but in battle it drops to ~10-15fps ;/ i know, athlons have just sse2, but why that slow? game render style is almost same as dbz budokai 3, but bleach runs much slwoer. i'll try with budokai later maybe... any cahnce to run naruto ultimate ninja 2 with ~30fps?

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