My Experiment Settings for SW mode Jak II Renegades
So i've been trying to see which settings would give me the best FPS, and so far i've tested these settings.

my specs are as follows.
Laptop: EliteBook 8570p
CPU: Intel Core I5-3230M @ 2,6GHz (ThrottleStop OC @ 3.33GHz)
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7500M/7600M
RAM: 4GBx2 + 12GB RAM as a Page file (1.5 times as much as original ram)
Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

Core Settings
EmotionEngine: [b]Recompiler[/b]        IOP: [b]Recompiler[/b]
EE/FPU Advanced Recompiler Options                                      
Round mode: [b]Chop/Zero[/b]              Clamping Mode: [b]Normal[/b]
VU0: [b]microVU Recompiler[/b]    VU1: [b]microVU Recompiler[/b]
VU0/VU1 Advanced Recompiler Options
Round mode: [b]Chop/Zero[/b]             Clamping Mode: None
Enable Deactivate Framelimiter          Frame Skipping: Deaktivated
Base Framerate Adjust 100%
Slow Motion Adjust 100%
Turbo Adjust 200%
----------------------------GS Window--------------------------------
Apect Ratio: Standard (4:3)
Custom window size: [1366] x [768]
Uncheck Disable window resize border
Uncheck Always hide mouse cursor
Enable Hide window when paused
uncheck Default to fullscreen mode on open
Enable Double-click toggles full screen mode
Dissable Wait for vsync on refresh
Dissable Dynamically toggle Vsync depending on frame rate
----------------------------Speed Hacks------------------------------
Enable speedhacks
EE Cyclerate set at 2
VU Cyclerate set at 3

Other Hacks
Enabled INTC Spin detection
Enabled Wait Loop detection

MicroVU hacks
Enable mVU Flag Hack
Enable MTVU (Multi-Threaded microVU1)
----------------------------Game Fixes--------------------------------
none activated

The reason why i have VU Cyclerate set at 3 is because if i turn it down to 0, my FPS goes down from 48/49 to 30, so i'm gonna loose18/19 FPS, which makes me loose the smooth gameplay with minimum lag (for me atleast). If i dissable MTVU i'll lose 6 FPS, not a big deal, but i'm trying to get as much FPS as possible while in Software Mode.

GS Plugin

[Image: 1szbkm.jpg]

SPU2-X Plugin (Audio)

[Image: 2ikp6kp.jpg]


And after testing each option, i end up with 49-53 FPS, which issn't bad concidering i'm using the PAL version of Jak II Renegades and it's the most demanding of the Jak & Daxter game series (as far as i've read here)

If you choose to use ThrottleStop (made for intel cpu), be cautious, because it can increase the CPU's temperature to 100 Celcius, which is as hot as it gets, but remember, if it hits 100C it can hurt the battery (if on laptop) and other smaler components have higher chance to be melted, so i have set a saftey on 82 degrees Celcius. If it gets on 80/81 i start saving the game, and when it hits 82 degrees.

This picture was taken approximatley 11th August 2014 23:50 GMT+2 CEST (Central European Summer Time)
[Image: 1568y1c.jpg]

I will not change my settings, so it can be as accurate as possible.

I will update more attachments showing different zones with the FPS update as i unlock them Smile

So yeah, since i haven't gotten any problems so far, i can't come up with a pros / cons for my settings. So if you try this and gets some crashes / laggin issues or any other problems. Please post them, so i can make a Pros / cons section later Smile

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