My PC: What needs to be upgraded?
I plan to buy some parts for my computer once I go out of town soon. However, I only plan on upgrading 1-2 things that would really improve my performance. This is obviously a gaming PC, otherwise I would not be here. below is a picture with my specs, which were retrieved with If you want me to use something else, link me and I will use that.

I am asking, what should I upgrade first? and what is something within a reasonable price range ($250 Per part is reasonable to me) to replace it with?

Please post some suggestions for me. I'm unsure what to buy next.
Thanks in advance.
If you need anymore info, ask.

[Image: 9QsJ0VV.png]

EDIT, Picture updated with all tabs of the program. Sorry about that.

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CPU and GPU are most important for pcsx2. Ram is not an issue and won't need upgrading.

Your GPU is limited in bandwidth so a better one is required if you want to upscale games.

CPU needs to be upgraded or overclocked to get decent performance.

The best cup out there which supports your motherboard socket (fm2) is amd a10 68. If you want more performance consider over looking it or purchasing a new motherboard with a different socket type preferably intel 1155 but you would need to buy a new CPU as well so if your on a tight budget then the amd a10 is the way to go.

This is a good gpu for pcsx2 which altogether fits within your budget.

Hope it helpsSmile
System Specs
CPU:AMD FX 8350 3.5ghz turbo to 4ghz
GPU: Sapphire HD 7750 GDDR5
MOBO:Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 Rev 5.0
OS:Windows 8.1 64 Bit
Just saying, it's not as easy as replacing 1 or 2 parts on a stock computer (I'm assuming you have a stock computer).

If you want to upgrade, you can get an A10 (CPU) Which would be a moderate upgrade (50-60% more power).

If you want to run games at a much higher fps/resolution, you need a better graphics card (GPU). However, if you have a stock computer, you would also need to upgrade your power supply (PSU). Depending on the GPU, your CPU is probably gonna be a bottleneck for you. I would recommend a i5 (CPU) but that would mean you have to buy a motherboard to support the i5 (Since Intel doesn't use AMD CPU sockets.

So basicly it comes down to this:

If you want a quick upgrade for your computer you should upgrade your CPU to an A10 (This is a bad choice for the long run). It's only $120.

If you plan on upgrading your computer throughout a period of time or have some money to spare, build a custom computer with an i5 and a PSU that supports at least 600 watts. This way you can get a decent GPU later on. The price range would be $500-$800. (Remember to keep your current computer case, hard drive, and RAM)

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besides what the others have linked to, i would also suggest getting matching ram, as their is a speed difference between what you have installed (it won't make much difference afaik), but according to a few on the net your memory will be reduced to the lowest speed ram 533mhz
Not sure what graphics card you have, it's memory bandwidth,
it's temperature, fan speed, what pixel shader it has
try TechPowerUp's gpu-z

Not sure what your cpu is try cpu-z
       (hint click on the highlighted links Biggrin)
I was posting a long reply, but I accidentally Closed it out when I was writing it. ._.
To make things short, I will be taking your advice and buying the parts to make a custom PC. Might as well upgrade the whole damn thing, right?
Anyways, thanks for the replies, I really appreciate it.

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