My audio works in plugin settings test but not in game TT
I've just spent the last hour figuring out and configuring my pcsx2, i've set everything right, i've tested it all out in plugin settings and it works fantastically, so I start my game (Tales of Legendia, the actual ps2 disc) and the quality is outstanding, except my audio doesn't work.

(and in other matters, neither does my controller) but again, when i tested them they worked perfectly Sad

Don't know what went wrong

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Can you post the emulog so, we can get a hint whats getting wrong with your settings ! Also make an iso of game rather then using actual disc !
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I hope this is what you're talking about and that I attached it correctly. And thank you so much for the reply Laugh

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on second check, maybe it wasn't working. I tried doing what I did earlier when I could have sworn I saw the number hit one, but i don't remember what button i pressed, or maybe it was working and stopped?

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Until you can prove you own 10 PS2s to go with those BIOS, I will close this for piracy.
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