My cheats...
Stopped working. Tragic. Was playing the Dot Hack series and finally got to Quarantine, the last one, but now cheats don't want to work. Been using cheats from game 2 on, so all of 2 and 3 with no problems, but now, something wants to give me problems. I thought maybe the codes themselves were bad so I went back and tested if the older games still worked but cheats don't work for them either. Like they don't work at all now. The option is checked and game reads/loads them, they just don't work. Help please.

To be a bit more specific, the raw codes I'm using are: 

FA7A006E 32C739C9

Extra Item
2A333591 00831821

Quick XP
DA2801E6 B20F6C04
2AB37BCD 241303E7

Slower Infection
2A8FA46F 00000000

Those should be in codebreaker form, which I converted to:

//FA7A006E 32C739C9

//Extra Item

//Quick XP

//Slower Infection

I've used the same version specific codes for Mutation and Outbreak with no problems and assumed the Quarantine codes would be fine as well. After adding that pnach tho no codes for any game work. I've deleted pnach files and remade them but codes just don't seem to want to work. Any help would be appreciated.

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